Vetus Schola’s management team is extensively involved in the effective delivery of every aspect of our core service, adopting a hands-on approach to each assignment and remaining on call 24/7.

Our specialised guarding services include the following:

  • Static Guarding
  • Events Security
  • Estate Security
  • Industrial and Retail Security
  • Hospitality Security

We place great emphasis on the strong relationships we have with our clients and are proactive in ensuring consistent client satisfaction.

We meet with our clients regularly to monitor and evaluate:

  • Service Agreements
  • Ongoing Risk Assessment
  • Client Satisfaction and Safety
  • Emerging and Potential Threats
  • Effectiveness of Risk Reporting Initiatives

We tailor our specialist close protection services to meet the specific needs of our clients, all of which are unique and typically determined by the level of notoriety and associated potential threats.

This requires a thorough risk assessment by one of our consultants. Given the nature of our services and the profile of many of our clients we prefer to meet in person on a strictly discreet basis.

Due to our international network of affiliates and operatives, we can provide the same level of service to clients on assignments in South Africa, such as dignitaries, celebrities, government officials and foreign diplomats.

These services include:

  • Body Guarding
  • Bulletproof Vehicle Hire
  • Escort Duties (Vehicle/Person)

Patrol Service

Vetus Schola provides 24/7 monitoring of your home and business premises. Each of our patrol vehicles is equipped with the latest technology necessary to coordinate immediate intervention by specialised armed response personnel, together with highly skilled K-9s, to facilitate apprehension in the event of intrusion or theft.
We also provide a comprehensive 24/7 paramedic back-up service to our clients in the Helderberg area.

24-Hour Control Room

The control room is the heart of our esteemed armed response services and is equipped with cutting edge digital voice recordings. All vehicles on the road are monitored via tracking systems.

Offsite Camera Monitoring

We provide our corporate clients with an offsite camera monitoring service to prevent intrusions and reduce potential threats to their personnel, premises and confidential information.

Vetus Schola is registered in terms of the Performing Animals Protection Act (Act No. 24 of 1935).

Our K-9 unit is managed by South African ex-policemen who possess years of operational and professional experience in the field. Our trainers adopt a meticulous approach in identifying the inherent aptitudes of each animal to ensure they are trained to excel in the discipline that complements their natural capabilities.

We supply highly trained premium K-9 breeds for deployment on the following types of missions:

  • Drug Detection
  • Track and Pursuit
  • Patrolling and Attack
  • Explosives and Firearm Detection
  • Safeguarding

Our full range of K-9 unit-related services include:

  • Training of professional show dogs for exhibitions.
  • Renting of dog trailers on a short or long-term basis.
  • Boarding kennels and training private dogs in obedience.
  • Narcotic searches at business premises and schools.
  • Development and deployment of specialist K-9 teams.
  • Supplying operational K-9s (with or without handlers).
  • Expert consultation and establishment of K-9 units for specific assignments.
  • Providing general equipment for the handler and specialist equipment for the K-9 (e.g bit suits, leashes, collars, and choke chains).
  • General advice regarding all aspects of housing, training and supplying of K-9s.


All of our K-9s undergo a rigorous screening process to qualify for our specialist K-9 division. The realistic detection and combat-zone training equip them to confidently operate in hostile environments.

Vetus Schola can assemble a team and establish an active onsite security presence within 48 hours, should a strike arise at your premises. Our executive team will immediately evaluate and consider all the strike management options available to ensure the safety of your non-striking employees, management teams, and corporate assets. The aim always is to provide a non-violent outcome in every situation.


Our strike management team consists of former law enforcement, military and security agents, all of whom are extensively experienced in dealing with violent situations. They will establish and maintain effective security, site surveillance, and non-striking employee protection service at your organisation as expeditiously as possible.

Our fleet of armoured personnel carriers consists of Nyala armoured vehicles and Saracens, stationed between our branches in the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Limpopo regions, to ensure the safe transport of our clients to and from their offices in the event of a strike.

Our quality assurance culture at Vetus Schola is one of continuous improvement, focused on delivering premium services to our clients, as well as adapting to their existing and future requirements.

It is therefore mandatory for all stakeholders to implement and maintain a formal Quality Management System. This policy is widely disseminated within our organization and reviewed on a regular basis for optimum effectiveness. We also regularly assess and review our quality objectives, as defined in our business plan, as well as our organizational goals, and the needs of our clients. This practice ensures continuous improvement and optimum levels of efficiency within our organization, together with stakeholder satisfaction.

Vetus Schola Training Academy has come a long way since its inception in 2010. We are accredited through the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) for 10 learners.

We are also accredited with the following professional bodies:

  • Professional Firearms Training Council (PFTC)
  • International Training Academy (ITA)
  • South African Intruders Detection Security Association (SAIDSA)
  • Security Association of South Africa (SASA)
  • South African Police Services (SAPS)
  • Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA)

Our courses include grades E to A, as well as specialised training in Financial Institution (Banking Hall), Cash in Transit, Retail Security, Armed Reaction, and Special Events.

In addition, we are certified to conduct training in the use of firearms, according to the Firearms Control Act (Act No. 60 of 2000):


  • Unit Standard 117705: Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act


  • Unit Standard 119649: Handle and Use of a Handgun
  • Unit Standard 119650: Handle and Use a Self-Loading Rifle or Carbine
  • Unit Standard 119651: Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle
  • Unit Standard 119652: Handle and Use a Shotgun


  • Unit Standard 123515: Handle and Use a Handgun for Business Purposes
  • Unit Standard 123514: Handle and Use a Shotgun for Business Purposes
  • Unit Standard 123511: Handle and Use a Self-Loading Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes
  • Unit Standard 123519: Handle and Use of Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes
  • Unit Standard 123516: Supervise Shooting Exercises

Our training courses and material are updated regularly to ensure regulation standards. For more information, feel free to get into contact. We look forward to welcoming you at our facility to receive world-class training.

Technical Assistance, Products and Services

Our technical armed response division is able to install or upgrade alarm systems, as well as provide our clients with:

  • A wide range of cameras, including CCTV, wireless, rear-view vehicle, dome, covert, PIR and spy cameras; as well as 4 and 8-channel DVR and PC DVR cards.
  • Domestic and industrial electrical fencing that are linked to alarm systems, alerting armed response of an intrusion.
  • Razor wire that is known to be a notoriously effective barrier.

Our well-established technical division is headed up by a technical manager and field manager who oversee all installation and offer assistance to our clients.

Our products include the installation of:

  • Beams
  • Cameras
  • Electric Fences
  • Alarm Systems and Wireless Devices

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