Vetus Schola is proud to announce the start up of our internal training Academy which is able to deliver services and training that is up-to-date and fully compliant with all regulatory bodies such as PSIRA and SASSETA.  Vetus Schola takes pride in the fact that our staff are trained to the highest standards and are well taken care of in terms of the requirements of the Sectoral Determination for the Security industry.

If a certain level of certification is required, or specialised skills are needed, Vetus Schola will adapt the course and personnel to cater for those needs.  Given our vast skill set, extensive experience and up-to-date technology, Vetus Schola is able to do this with ease and deliver a training service second to none in fields of security such as static protection/guarding, skills programmes 1-5  to mention a few.

We are especially proud of the training centre we have established outside our Head Quarters in Cape Town, which boasts a number of shooting ranges and facilities which ensure that our staff are fully proficient in terms of firearm training which complies with the latest amendments in legislation regarding the use and handling of firearms. At Vetus Schola Training Academy, our security officers receive ongoing training to give them the edge. Our objectives are:

• To introduce candidates to the security environment
• Achieve a level of discipline and sense of loyalty towards his/her employer and the client
• To provide professional security officers with knowledge and skills
• To set a high standard of performance for ourselves to achieve service objectives.

Our training philosophy is one of practicality.  All lectures and lessons teach realistic, practical methods that have been proven in the industry.
Vetus Schola Training Academy is committed to providing the very best training and facilities possible, allowing the student to fully develop his/her skills. We are dedicated to the protection of our clients, both locally and internationally.  Our strict policy of recommending only graduates of our courses maintains our reputation as leaders in the field.

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