K9 Dog Unit

Our K-9 Division is built from Police trainers, officers with years of specialist operational and professional experience.

We provide a full range of services which includes:
- Operational Dogs with or without handlers
- Professional consultation and set-up of K-9 units
- Development and deployment of K-9 teams for different security purposes
- General equipment for the handler and specialist equipment for the K-9
- Training Of professional show dogs and obedience

Our company specializes in the supply of K-9 for the following missions:
- Track and Pursuit
- Drug Detection
- Explosives and Firearm Detection
- Patrolling and Attack

All of our Dogs must pass a strict screening process for them to qualify for the training. Some dogs show better aptitude for tracking and others for patrolling or drug detection. It is important to identify the key characteristics of each animal to ensure that they are trained in the discipline that best compliments that.

Attack Dogs:

Our attack dogs are trained to work on different kinds of terrain such as building, boats, busses, plans etc. Some of them are trained to attack any human being present in a searching area and other are trained to attack only the dominant persons (following customer requests).
Our dogs are also trained to mark people who are unreachable for them, and so, to protect their handler from any potential threat.

Drug Detection Dogs:

Our narcotic detection dogs are trained to actively seek out drugs in all environments.
The dogs are trained to indicate the presence of drugs no matter the quantity and can detect substance such as Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana and Hashish.
Our detection dogs are trained to search areas not accessible to handlers or the human beings.
Random searches detection dogs are less intrusive then other testing alternatives. Areas trained to search include trains, busses, aircrafts, cars, trucks or schools.

Explosive and fire arm detection:

Our explosive and firearm detection dogs are taught passive response to home-made, military and commercial explosives as well as residue. Our explosive detection dogs are also capable of detection varied quantities of explosive compounds as well as ammunition and fire arms (including people who are carrying explosives) in different kinds of environments such as busses, trains, aircrafts and streets.
The dogs are not trained to be aggressive to strangers and can act in other crowded areas such as train stations and airports. They can mark their findings in a active and passive way (Following the customer’s request.)

Track Dogs:

A dog is “tracking” when he is following the scent trail or disturbed vegetation scent, left by a person(or other animal) that has traveled along a certain root.
Following a trail is one of the many useful things dogs can do to help people tracking lost children, suspects and lost items.

Search and rescue dogs:

Our search and rescue dogs are trained to find alive missing people in forest, rubbles, ruins, etc.
By following a scent that is on the air and to ignore all interferences in their working area such as scattered food, working rescuers and rescuing equipment.
This is a very efficient method of searching large areas quickly and does not require items of clothing or effects of the missing person. Dogs work equally well in the dark and use their sense of smell and hearing to their fullest under these conditions. It is calculated that a dog is equivalent to about 20 searchers in a good conditions and many more in poor conditions.
In ideal conditions a dog can pick up a human scent from about 500 meters.

Explosives Charges Detection dogs:

Trained to detect explosive charges in different terrains such as roots, open fields, buildings or any other terrains.
The dogs are trained to work within a distance of 100 meter or more from their handlers by vocal command or other special means, and can mark the explosives following the client’s request, in a passive way (sitting/lying) or in an active way (barking).