About Us

Vetus Schola Group Chairman - Connie Molusi

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Vetus Schola’s servicing track record attests to our commitment to excellence.

    1. First, you deal directly with an owner.
    2. Second, we have superior programs for selection, training and support.
    3. Third, our generous officer wages, benefits and incentives demonstrate how much we value our employees.

These three points result in the best security services program in the industry! See how our clients feel about our service delivery and our personnel in our Testimonials section. Regardless of who our client is our commitment to personal service of the highest calibre is unwavering.

That is what we have built our reputation on. Understanding our clients is crucial to our success. We don’t believe in over-promising or outsourcing. We will only take on what we genuinely believe we can do well. We are equally careful about who we choose to work for as our reputation depends on the success of our assignments and our corporate and professional foot print. Any security we provide has to suit the situation and the client. Like chameleons, we have to fit into your way of life.

Our customised approach uses our talent and expertise to cater for clients needs in the best possible way.